Avoiding Hair Damage

Avoiding Hair Damage

Among the many parts of the body, our hair is one such exposed element, which happens to be most exposed to the harshnesses of the environment around us. However, it is not just the external factors that can cause damage to our hair – in fact “we” also play a critical role here. While we do whatever we fancy with our hair, sometimes the damage can be permanent. So, now we will discuss the things that we normally do – which can cause hair damage. Most importantly we will also discuss – how we can counteract these damages also.

Hair growth is something that we take for granted. However, it is because of hair growth that we will be able to cut off the damaged hair and let the new healthy hair grow back. This is more like getting a second chance for a past mistake that has been committed. However, hair growth takes time, as it doesn’t grow in a few days, but in fact consume months. So, we must exercise caution while we do all kinds of fancy stuff with our hair to make it look attractive in the short-term, regardless of the damage caused in the long run.

The basic fact is that as long as you don’t do permanent damage to your hair, which is by keeping the hair root safe – hair will keep on growing back. Again, as mentioned before, this will take plenty of time. Moreover, hair located on different regions of the scalp, behave differently and correspondingly the consequences of mismanagement can be costly. For example, in the frontal crown of the scalp hair miniaturization characterizes the on set of gradual hair loss. However, if any damage is done during this critical time – hair growth can stop as a whole in the region and hence, the hair in that specific region can disappear permanently. A similar scenario exists for hair in the thinning areas as they are finer than the hair on the other areas. Mismanagement due to gross negligence like aggressive dyeing can accelerate hair loss or the balding process. Now we will discuss a few among the endless number of fancy practices that people engage in, which can cause significant hair damage.

Drying with a blow-dryer

Do you regularly use a blow dryer for drying up your hair? Ever wondered why one is advised to use moderate temperatures while using this device? It is because the excess temperature can destroy the air pockets that give natural hair the extra bounce. This happens because the excess temperature can heat up the moisture and cause the shafts deep in the cortex to explode. So, stop using your blow dryer on a daily basis and get to used to drying up your hair in the natural way!

The dangerous curl creators or hot rollers

Up next, hazardous curl creators as well as hot rollers threatens the liveliness of your hair. Quite simply the direct application of so much heat to your hair can do significant and often irreparable damage.

Direct sunlight exposure

High doses of ultra violet light from the sun can cause significant damage to the disulphide bonds in keratin. Apart from this exposure so high temperatures can have similar consequences as that of the blow-dryer

Over rubbing to dry hair

Uncontrolled rubbing using a towel to dry hair can cause mechanical damage to hair shafts apart from pulling out hair strands.

Usage of dull Scissors

Dull scissors can Split the hair into different strands across the shaft and often the once healthy hair just peels away.

Dangers of Back brushing

Once significant back brushing is done – the hair looses its former shine and luster. This is a direct result of back brushing due to cuticle damage and irreversible damage to the hair shaft.

Usage of metal combs or brushing too hard

Simple rules to keep your hair safe are not to use metal combs – as they offer too much friction. When you brush, start from the end and move up towards the scalp keeping in mind the direction of the seeds.


Avoid frequent perming or just don’t try perming at all – as it can adversely affect the hair shafts.

Avoid bleaching or coloring

It is vital to strictly avoid bleaching or coloring as they can increase the porosity of the shaft. Consequently allowing it to weaken the hair due to enhanced moisture absorption.

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Avoid any form of Traction Alopecia at all costsApart from the rubber bands and hair pulling, hair sprays also drastically contribute to traction related damage; as they enable different strands of hair to stick together – this can cause serious cuticle damage and make the hair prone to various kinds of environmental damage.

The most important part of hair maintenance is to subject the hair to regular conditioning and washing sessions, which can be done just by using normal water to wash – as a result chances of damage are significantly reduced. This really helps because water can wash away most of the hair sprays; especially since most hair-sprays are water soluble in nature.

Another important factor is that you need to have patience. To be more specific one has to give time for the damaged hair to grow back. This is not exactly easy as we often tend to do what we fancy with our hair, so patience is the key in this matter. Most often the result is that we end up damaging the hair further or damage the new hair before it gets the chance to fully grow. Once the cuticle or cortex is subject to any kind of damage, the best option would be to cut off the damaged hair and let the new ones grow. Like mentioned before, you have to wait for the good hair to grow back instead of rushing over it to do more fancy stuff. Its worth all the effort and maintenance as good and shiny hair is more than makes you look more than just attractive – it’s envious!