10 Best Hairstyles for Curly Hair

10 Best Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curs can usually make your basic style and then you look instantly way more intricate. Especially if you use not only best shampoo, but also good conditioner for curly hair. Many of celebrities sported curls in different adorable styles.

Braiding Frenzy

Styles usually look more complicated than they really are with curly hair. Just wrap a simple braid around a fishtail braid to achieve this stylish look.

Beautiful and Bold

Place a headband close to your forehead to create a bold and beautiful look. Tease back of your hair and loosely tie them into a side pony. Big, dramatic and bold makeup helps always.

Faux Bangs Vintage

Get a retro up-do look complete with faux and victory rolls.

Faux Bob

You can make your hair short for a day, by creating a faux bob in the back side of your head.

Pony with a kick

Brush the top of your hair so it lays flatter. Then, pull them back into a ponytail and your curls fall behind, leaving few hairs in front as well. Put a cute pair of earrings on and you’re perfect to go.

Classic Quiff

You can create this elegant look by only backcombing your curls for volume and bobby pinning down.

Old Hollywood Hairstyle

With your curly hair, simply make a low ponytail and tuck under. Make sure to leave some curls frame your face.

Elegant Up-Do

Have fun putting your hair up for your next extra special occasion.

For Your Wedding Day

Ladies with curls are lucky because they get to skip the curling part of the tutorial, but then learn how to make this romantic look that is a perfect for a wedding. If you don’t have natural curls, use an iron to curl them and then you may choose to let two strands of hair around your face.

Bohemian Princess

This is one of the easiest styles with curly hair. This is spritzing it with some of your favorite products and sporting a colorful, bohemian headband.

Loose French Twist

Just like Taylor Swift. Create a loose French twist and pin back. Side sweep the bangs forward

Night Out Solution

Make a side part, twirl your hair back and pin to achieve a retro look.

Sock Bun for Natural Curls

For an even fuller bun, use a sock and leave a few loose curls hanging down.

Hair Bow Bun

Place a kind of bow on top of your head using your own hair and frame with loose curls.